Stephen Tosha Works For His Clients More Than Himself

February 18, 2020
Stephen P. Tosha

When Stephen Tosha meets prospective clients, it is with the idea of finding out their approach to building wealth. He truly wants to help them realize their financial goals fully and realistically, and to maintain that wealth building until the money is needed. From the beginning, Stephen Tosha will guide them through the wealth management process, and he will strive to create an understanding of what it will take to achieve their goals, whatever they happen to be. Whether those goals include retirement income, education funding, creating a financial legacy or some other goal that is unique to that individual, Stephen never forgets who is working for whom.

If you are looking for personalized or traditional well-defined wealth building and maintenance strategies, whether or not they incorporate individual stocks and bonds, Merrill Lynch model portfolios, and/or one of a number of third-party investment strategies, then Stephen Tosha has proven himselfto be an excellent choice to help you get there. When he is servicing clients through the Firm’s Investment Advisory Program, a Portfolio Manager like Stephen Tosha often will manage his strategies on a discretionary basis, based on his experience and expertise.

Stephen P. Tosha always uses a series of personalized investment strategies and designs, as well as custom investment portfolios as a way to address the priorities of individuals, families, foundations and non-profits. He is a personal finance professional who is certified as a Portfolio Manager What that means to his clients is, he is well-qualified to provide his clients with traditional advice and guidance as a way of assisting them when it comes to pursuing their personal objectives when it comes to preparing for their retirement or any other goal they may have in mind. He helps all of his clients with building and maintaining wealth and managing their investments in a way that both supports traditional goals, as well as their own very personalized goals.